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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miracle, or Excellent Resuscitation Team

In news that's all over the internet today, a woman who appeared to have suffered a cardiac arrest during labor with her baby born limp and lifeless were both revived successfully. This is being credited to an act of God.

Mike Hermanstorfer [husband of the patient] credits “the hand of God.”

“We are both believers ... but this right here, even a nonbeliever — you explain to me how this happened. There is no other explanation,” he said.

I suspect that the real explanation for reviving the mother and child should be credited to the resuscitation team. Probably led by the anesthesiologist and the perinatalogist, the team acted professionally during an extremely stressful situation and performed their jobs as expected, all while the husband was watching their every move. Their professionalism extends to their modesty. They could have easily announced their achievement all over the net. Instead they allow the news media to continue the illusion that only God was able to help the poor family. After all, they are medical doctors, not politicians. So congratulations to the medical team at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. One more family will be having a happy new year thanks to you.