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Friday, April 15, 2022

Wordle For Doctors

Think Wordle, the word guessing game, is too easy? You think five letter words are boring? Peeved that middle school kids are better at this game than you? MedPage Today has a new distraction for you. They call it Wordosis. First of all, the words in this game require SIX letters. So there's that challenge. Next the words are medically related so not just anyone can play it since medical terminology is an actual class in medical school. That adds a bit of exclusivity to this puzzle. Just don't play while you're supposed to be vigilantly monitoring your patient in the operating room. Good luck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Would You Eat Cake Off A Naked Man?

I would say that this cake plate is certainly, uh, provocative.  This plate comes from a line of European china called Anatomica.  It certainly has an appropriate title.  Perhaps you can use these plates at your next anatomy themed party.  Imagine the possibilities...  You might even give your guests some hard earned anatomy lessons that you spent months agonizing over in medical school.  Won't they be impressed with your knowledge and acumen?  Though at 48 euros each I wouldn't let the party get too wild.