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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anesthesia Eponyms

I am not one of the lucky anesthesiologists with a perpetual unlimited anesthesia board certificate. I recently had to take my board recertification exam. While reviewing my old textbooks (thank goodness I kept a few of them from residency) and sample questions, I made a list of some anesthesia related eponyms I came across that would have been fun morning rounds pimp questions. I didn't recall the definitions for some of them but they were good to relearn and promptly reforget hours after the exam was over. So if you're bored out of your mind right now in the middle of a ten hour breast reconstruction case you might look these up and learn something.

1. Schimmelbusch mask
2. Thorpe tube
3. Quincy tonsil
4. Biot's ventilation
5. Scultetus position
6. Pores of Kohn
7. Molteno valve
8. Melzack-Wall gate control theory
9. Hering-Breuer reflex
10. Barlow's syndrome

Have fun! Or not. BTW I passed my board recert. No more recertification exam for another ten years. Hooray! Congratulatory ecards accepted.