Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Facebook Has Kicked Me Out.

At least until FB lets me back in.

Last week, Facebook disabled my account. There was no warning and no explanation. Just one day I couldn't log in and I received an error message that said my account has been disabled and to go to the Help Center for assistance. Down the rabbit hole I went as I waded through pages and pages of advice on how to retrieve my blog's account. All this was presciently described in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the travails of Facebook users who lost access to their accounts.

The newspaper noted that Facebook does not have a phone number to talk to a human being to get support. With three billion users I guess they can't afford to hire that many help staff, even if they hired the entire call support industries in India and the Philippines. The article said one person had success by calling the support line for his Oculus virtual reality goggles that is owned by Facebook. He bought the device just to get access to the phone number. I looked it up and there is no Oculus support number anymore. 

So now I'm stuck with no access to get to my ZMD account page. I go to the Help Center every day and give them the same information they ask for with no resolution in sight. I've never received a single email acknowledging my emails or my or account issues. So if you follow and like me on Facebook, you may not see any new entries for awhile, or even ever. I may have to move to Twitter, which I haven't been very active in, or maybe even Tik Tok, where all the cool kids gather. And if you see a blog entry you really enjoy reading, please let all your friends and colleagues know about it because I can't spread the word on Facebook anymore. 

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