Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How To Improve Your Hospital's National Ranking

US News & World Report recently released its latest rankings of the nation's hospitals. Eagerly awaited each year, it is a source of pride and free publicity for numerous hospitals. A high position in the survey is frequently cited in radio, print, television, and online advertisements, sometimes literally the day after its publication.

Naturally hospital administrators are eager to figure out how to improve their rankings in the survey. This is even more true if there is a rival hospital in town. Wouldn't USC's Keck Hospital love to leapfrog UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center in the LA hospital market. 

While looking through the list, it seems to me that there is an easy and effective way to get one’s hospital into a better position. The US News survey is subdivided into seventeen subspecialties. These include Cancer, Rehab, Orthopedics, and others. Ten of those are surgical subspecialties like Urology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, and GI Surgery. So obviously the best way to improve the hospital score is to improve the surgical rankings. And what can the surgery departments do to improve their positions? Hire a good anesthesiology department of course.

Think about what a good anesthesiologist can bring to the hospital. Anesthesiologists can improve patient satisfaction by treating patients effectively for postop pain and nausea. Anesthesiologists can help decrease the infection rate of cases. Through the concept of the perioperative surgical home, anesthesiologists can increase the flow through of the patient through the hospital, allowing the patient to recover more quickly and saving the hospital money at the same time.

To all the hospital administrators who are reading this post. Find the best anesthesiology group you can afford. The increase in productivity and morale in the operating rooms and the surgical units will more than pay for itself as anesthesiologists use our professional training to improve perioperative care and drive efficiency and satisfaction among your patients. Increased US News hospital ranking is just icing on the cake.

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