Monday, July 27, 2020

The Richest Doctors In The World

Do you think doctors make a lot of money? They can but not by practicing medicine. Forbes list of billionaires in the world includes six physicians and none of them practice clinical medicine.

1. Thomas Frist, MD. Founder of HCA Healthcare, the largest hospital company in America. Net worth: $11.6 billion

2. Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD. Inventor of Abraxane. $6.7 billion

3. Phillip Frost, MD. Inventor of Opko Health. $2.4 billion

4. Gary Michelson, MD. Retired spine surgeon and inventor. $1.7 billion

5. James Leininger, MD. Founder of Kinetic Concepts. $1.5 billion

6. George Yancopoulos, MD. Chief Medical Scientific of Regeneron. $1.4 billion

The lesson here is that if you think you can make it rich seeing a bunch of Medicare and Medicaid patients, you are in the wrong field.

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