Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cheers! Beer May Actually Be Good For You

In a surprising confluence of news, a couple of articles came out recently extolling the virtues of drinking beer. However, they both emphasize that moderate intake is all you should do to gain the benefits, not the frat party alcohol drenched keggers you used to attend in college.

In the first news item, researchers in Amsterdam have found that Belgian beer seems to promote improved gut bacteria because their beer have more good probiotics. The probiotics are thought to help with weight loss and promote better sleep patterns. The mechanism seems to be that some Belgian beers are fermented twice, unlike other beers which are fermented only once. During the second fermentation, yeast similar to ones used to make yogurt are added. This kills off harmful bacteria that maybe living in your intestines.

The second article came out in the Wall Street Journal. In an interview with the Detroit Pistons's basketball player Andre Drummond, he recounts how he was able to lose weight by drinking one beer per day. Apparently NBA players are now pressured to actually get smaller. Giant players like Hall of Famer former Los Angeles Lakers player Shaquille O'Neal are out of favor with teams. Drummond was advised to lose some weight during the off season. The 6' 10", 279 pound player accomplished that by not eating red meat and increasing his fish intake. And his personal chef recommended he drink one beer per day.

Drummond says he's not a natural beer drinker. He has to force himself to drink that one beer with his lunch. But the results show how his diet has improved his game. His stats in points and rebounds are now being compared to the great Moses Malone.

So now you don't have to feel guilty if you feel like knocking back a cold one every day. If your doctor documents in your medical chart that you have an alcohol dependency, just show them the health benefits of drinking beer. If you remember to keep the libations in moderation, then beer may promote more healthy living.

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