Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When The Vagina Is A No Go Zone

This post has nothing to do with anesthesia. But I find the subject matter eye opening and highly amusing. Dr. Jen Gunter, a Canadian OB/GYN and blogger, wrote about seven trendy vaginal inserts that happened in 2017 and why they should horrify any physician and any sane person in general.

Some of these are promoted by celebrities, such as jade eggs which were endorsed by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. I've never even heard of jade eggs for the vagina until I read the blog. Others trends were popularized by the internet, such as inserting a peeled cucumber into the vagina to make it smell fresh. Or applying glitter to the vagina to make it...shiny?

So please do yourself a favor and consult your physician if you're thinking of putting something in your vag-vag that may not be, how should I say this, approved by a medical professional. You may save yourself or significant other a whole lot of trouble in the future.

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