Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Stingray Attack Looks More Painful Than I Ever Imagined

Southern California has had a tremendous increase in the number of stingray attacks along our beaches recently. Specifically in Huntington Beach, there have been over 300 injuries in the last week alone. If you think getting stung by a stingray is like getting attacked by a bee, take a look at this picture.


That barb sticking out of this poor victims foot looks extremely painful. It is much larger than I ever thought a stingray barb would be. It looks like a giant rusty nail impaling itself in the foot. Luckily, stingray attacks are rarely fatal. Of course that doesn't mean there haven't been deaths attributed to stingrays.

The treatment for stingray injuries involves only removing the barb and washing the site with hot water. Maybe take some antibiotics to prevent infection. And next time don't walk too lively into the shallow waters of our beaches. Shuffle your foot in the sand to warn the stingrays to move. Or you may wind up with an organic spear to take home with you as a souvenir.

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