Monday, December 4, 2017

Remember When Masturbation Was Considered Shameful?

Why are so many men masturbating in front of unwilling participants? The act of masturbation used to be considered shameful. It has been used to great comic effect in movies and TV, in everything from "American Pie" to "Seinfeld." Who wouldn't want to be the master of his domain?

But now it seems that a remarkably large number of well to do men have been forcing their self love onto others as a form of harassment and abuse. Every day another high powered man is accused of or confesses to touching themselves in full view of reluctant colleagues. The latest ones to be charged with this act include the great music maestro James Levine and California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh. This follows the infamous actions of Louis C.K. and the man now synonymous with sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein.

I know that doctors have been trying for years to reeducate people to make masturbation a less shameful act. It is a natural activity that should not cause embarrassment of its practitioners, which is virtually everybody. However, after all these revelations, I'm inclined to side with our less enlightened ancestors and punish people who can't keep their hands off themselves in front of others. Can you imagine if the victim was allowed to flog the perpetrator for their abusive acts as in the olden days? It would put a real quick end to all these disgusting displays of power and toxic masculinity. Keep it in your pants or take them out only when you have a consenting partner present. Nobody else cares to see how little you respect yourself or others.

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