Monday, November 20, 2017

How Homophobia Affects Anal Hygiene

Please use properly and frequently.
Okay, I didn't know this was an issue until I read this article in BuzzFeed. Apparently some men are ignorant or intolerant of proper anal hygiene. The piece has excerpts of social media posts describing the horror of people who have encountered partners who don't quite know how to clean themselves after defecation.

One recently married woman complained that she noticed brown stains on his white underwear. She also found poop stains on their bedsheets after intercourse. When she complained to her newlywed husband about it, his angry reply to her was, "a real man doesn't go in between his cheeks or spread them open for anything. Men do not spread there (sic) cheeks to wipe or clean...nothing goes between them." Makes me want to take a shower with Purell after reading that. There are a lot more anecdotes like that, including one woman's solution using a tampon pad.

Moms, and dads, please educate your boys on the proper way to wipe themselves after going #2. And men, it is not a sign of homosexual tendencies to clean yourselves between the butt cheeks and even at the anal surface when going to the bathroom. Remember the old adage about wearing clean underwear before going out? Well it doesn't matter much if your butt is covered with old poop so wipe those butts.

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