Thursday, January 12, 2017

RIP Obamacare

The Senate early this morning has started the long process of repealing the flawed PPACA. In a party line vote, they elected 51-48 to begin dismantling this monstrosity and start exploring better alternatives.

The Democrats are vociferously defending their beloved former president's plan despite all the evidence that it is failing and needs a major overhaul anyway. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing again. More doctors are getting excluded from the insurance companies' ever tighter networks. Hundreds of counties in the country have only one insurance company to choose from, if they can afford it. Millions of people are still forgoing insurance coverage despite tax penalties and favorable coverage.

Hopefully any new plan created will truly allow you to keep your plan and your doctor if you really want it. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change? RIP Obamacare 2010-2017. You won't be forgotten and you definitely won't be missed.

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