Thursday, January 5, 2017

Best Paying Job In America Is...

CNN and is out this morning with their list of the best paying jobs in America. Ranking right at the top of the list for the highest compensation in the country is anesthesiology. We earn a median income of $335,000 per year. PayScale says top anesthesiologists earn can $466,000. And I know a lot of anesthesiologists who make much more than that. Right behind anesthesiologists are radiologists. They earned a median salary of $316,000 with top pay of $492,000. They are followed by physicians (general), petroleum engineers, and dentists.

It's interesting that this list differs from Medscape's annual list of physician compensation which routinely ranks orthopedics as the top paying medical profession. Anesthesiologists usually land in the top ten of all physicians but never number one.

However, just because we have the highest paying profession in the nation doesn't mean we have the best job. PayScale has a different list for that. Instead of highest income, if you count work satisfaction, highest job growth, and relatively good money, phone app developers have the best job, with a median pay of $97,100. Goes to prove that money can't buy happiness and you shouldn't go into medicine just for the income.

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