Friday, May 13, 2016

When To Call For An Orthopedic Consult

Remember how we belittled orthopedic surgeons in the hilarious Orthopedics Vs. Anesthesia video? It was a perfect encapsulation of the stereotype about the big dumb orthopedic surgeon vs. the intellectual anesthesiologist. Now the orthopods have returned the favor. In a GomerBlog post, the "College of Orthopedic Surgery" sets out guidelines to hospitalists and emergency physicians about when it is appropriate to call for an orthopedic consultation.

It mentions with obvious glee that orthopedic surgeons are probably a lot smarter than the people who are calling for the consults. Since it is such a competitive match, they most likely have higher USMLE Step 1 scores than anybody else.

The list asks that somebody review the X-ray first before calling in a consult. Don't just order it and call the surgeon before looking at it. And try to remember the name of the bone that is broken. "Tibula" is not an actual bone. If the radiologist reads the film as "Unremarkable study" then don't call the orthopod. If the patient has a diabetic foot ulcer or foot celllulitis, call podiatry. That is not an orthopedic problem.

There are more funny guidelines in the post to help us clueless non-orthopods figure what is an orthopedic injury.

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