Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebrating Nurses Week

It is good to be a nurse. As Nurses Week winds down, I want to show you how much our hospital LOVES our nurses. Compared to the pathetic tray of bagels the facility offered physicians for Doctor's Day, this is what the nurses got for lunch, just today.

Nothing like an all you can eat taco bar as a term of endearment. And this was only in one unit in the hospital. All the other units got similar lunch buffets. Oh yes, our hospital just adores our nurses. If you feed the ones you love, then we absolutely revere our RN's. This is what our nurses got yesterday.

We just love to keep our nurses fat and happy. Apparently it must be much harder to retain or acquire new nurses than it is to keep doctors placated. Besides these two examples, another day they received a full English breakfast buffet with all the cholesterol and salt the hospital cafeteria could possibly unload on our nursing staff. The nurses also received free tote bags and other swag with the hospital's logo on it just so they will remember who is treating them so royally.

Why become a doctor and get taken for granted when one can become an RN in half the time and one third the cost and actually get some appreciation at work?
Our sad Doctor's Day bagels.


  1. I would not like to be anywhere near the nurse's bathroom after that taco buffet unless they were CRNAs passing gas.

  2. This could be my hospital. It's actually pretty pathetic. We got a 20 cent ice cream bar. Just another reminder that us horrible doctors make too much money and talk down to these poor nurses...we desire these paltry shows of appreciation while they are showered with praise and with gifts. I wonder if the public knew how much CRNAs made for less training, if they would still sing their praises?