Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sage Advice From Former Residents

As the academic year slowly and inexorably winds down, I see our medical students start becoming more nervous about what lies ahead for them. There is the natural fear of the unknown as they are all too aware that what they've just accomplished in medical school is nowhere near the experience they will encounter in residency.

Perhaps they can take some solace from the words of former residents who have just gone through the wringer. The AMA Wire has posted comments from graduating residents and what advice they can give to the incoming interns. Though it was published almost one year ago, I think it is worth rereading.

Though it may be cold comfort, millions of physicians have gone through the same rigorous process you are about to start and nearly all have come through relatively unscathed. Just remember the shit really hits the fan AFTER you finish residency. Then you'll wish you could go back to the warm comforts of being a perpetual trainee with no responsibilities for your actions.

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