Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Day At Work

What makes for the ending of a good day at work?

I had no complications in the OR and everybody was discharged healthy and happy.

I checked off every required box in the EMR to satisfy my PQRS requirements.

I can thank the heavens that I don't work with angry CRNA's with inferiority complexes.

For one more day I don't have to think about MICRA, MACRA, or MOCA.

I'm good at what I do and can make good money doing it.

As a physician I have good job security.

I work with a group of dedicated, caring professionals who look out for each other's well being to make every workday productive and pleasurable.

I have a loving wife who is going out tonight with the kids and said I can stay out with my buddies for drinks and dinner.

So tonight we're heading to the uber hip Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles for Korean BBQ, soju, and beer.

Grilled meats and alcohol. Yes it has been a very good day.

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