Sunday, March 6, 2016

Macho Macho Anesthesiologists

The latest issue of the ASA Monitor has a great picture of one of the pioneering giants of anesthesiology, John S. Lundy, MD. As you can see in the undated photo from an article in the Monitor, Dr. Lundy is demonstrating to a group of physicians how to intubate a patient. However I was most struck by what the doctors were wearing in the operating room. These guys were all donning scrubs that wouldn't look out of place at your local Gold's Gym.

What's with all the sleeveless tops? Though a couple of the guys in the picture have the guns to dress the part, most of them look like they need to go do some biceps curls for a few weeks before they expose their flabby arms to the world.

Maybe once again Dr. Lundy was ahead of his time. With all the controversies about long sleeve clothing causing patient contaminations, he was miles ahead of the rest of us in preventing bacterial contamination that plague medical facilities around the world today. Or perhaps he just liked showing off his bazookas.

One last thing, can anybody tell me what is that thing that is hanging off the IV bottle on Dr. Lundy's right side? Part of it overlies his right arm. It looks like it maybe some sort of syringe that is hooked up to the IV but I can't tell for sure.

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