Monday, March 14, 2016

In Which States Do Anesthesiologists Make The Most Money?

It must be good to be an Ohioan. Not only do they get to decide the U.S. presidential election every four years, they also pay their anesthesiologists the most money. According to, the top five highest paying states for anesthesiologists are Ohio ($228,800), Connecticut ($227,380), Arizona ($226,020), Florida ($223,390), and Tennessee ($222,800). Anesthesiologists in Florida and Tennessee also have the benefit of paying no state income tax. The five lowest paying states are Oklahoma ($169,700), Mississippi ($161,010), South Dakota ($153,240), Nebraska ($151,810), and though not a state but counted in the survey, Puerto Rico ($110,470). These numbers are probably contract salaries medical facilities are offering the recruiting company so they are a little suspect. They are certainly lower than other anesthesiologist salary surveys.

The website also states that the top five states for anesthesiology job growth are in New Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida. The worst states for anesthesia job recruiting were Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, Maryland, and Ohio.

Again these are the numbers that a recruiting company is seeing in the job market. I'm sure a well connected anesthesiologist can find a much more lucrative offer in his/her local area so take these numbers with a grain of salt.

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