Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Chose The Wrong Specialty. Now What?

Though Match Day happened less than a week ago, it's never too early to consider the unthinkable, that perhaps one matched into the wrong field. It happens more often than you think. According to the AAMC, up to 30% of residents don't finish in the same specialty they started in. Long time readers of mine will recall all the drama I went through when I made the move from General Surgery to Anesthesiology.

Now an article in Medscape by resident physician Rosalyn Plotzker, MD gives advice for residents who feel they have hit a dead end in their residency and that it's time to move on. She accurately describes the initial feeling of doubt about one's career choice and how it slowly ripples and mutates into an all consuming conviction that one cannot imagine practicing in it for the rest of their lives. She then gives good suggestions on how to decide if one is just hoping the grass is greener over in the other department or whether one is just going through a bad day at work and where to go from there.

Good reading.

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