Tuesday, April 28, 2015

iTunes Phishing In Kenya

I got this email supposedly from Apple yesterday. It claimed that my iTunes account has been locked out because of multiple failed attempts to enter it. I thought to myself, hmmm. I did type in my password incorrectly one time last week. Maybe Apple is now super sensitive to hacking into its system after the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos debacle last year. The page looks like it just might be from Apple. The typeface is similar to the one that Apple uses. The Apple logo up in the corner looks legit.

Therefore I naively clicked on the link to verify my Apply information. And this is the page I got.
Now my suspicions are starting to be raised. I've never come across a login page in iTunes that looks like this. Then I looked up at the address bar. The URL was extremely unusual. Instead of Apple.com, it read mu.ac.ke. Where the hell is that from? I googled the address and out popped a page for a place called Moi University. It definitely has nothing to do with iTunes or Apple. At least it wasn't the home page of some Nigerian prince who needed to stash his millions in my personal checking account. The Moi University URL has since been taken down.

It's no wonder computer systems get hacked all the time. Scammers send out millions of these phishing attacks every day. It only take one person to complete the process for sharing their password to corrupt the entire network. I'm publicizing this hoping that nobody else gets tricked into releasing their personal information.

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