Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All Work, No Pay

Here are the latest numbers for anesthesiologists' salaries as compiled by the physician placement firm Jackson & Coker. This is based on the income of over 31,000 anesthesiologists that the company his hired out.

The average annual salary is $355,413. The average benefits is $71,083. This produces a total compensation of $426,495. Hospitals can afford this income because an anesthesiologist brings in an annual revenue of about $1,352,120.

When calculated on an hourly basis, the average anesthesiologist earns $171. Add in the benefits and the average total compensation works out to $205 per hour. An anesthesiologist will bring in revenue of about $650 per hour.

It's easy to see that anesthesiologists bring in a lot of money to hospitals. Meanwhile, despite all the hard work and potential medical malpractice, about two thirds of the money goes to somebody else besides the physician. That speaks volumes about the state of medicine in the country today.

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