Sunday, March 23, 2014

KevinMD Headlines That Make Me Want To Go Ugh.

I love the KevinMD blog. It gathers up medical opinions from all over the web and makes it easy for me to read different points of view from fields like IM, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, etc. But sometimes the headlines it present are so saccharine and self important that it makes my skin crawl and my eyes roll. The following is just a brief list of blog posts on KevinMD that were written in the past few months that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Be Emotionally Intimate With Your Patients.

People Die Without Love.

Sympathy Is The Missing Art In Medicine.

Compassion Is What Connects Us All.

Through Our Patients We Find Ourselves.

My Cancer Shows How Our World Is Ruled By Love.

Seriously, these are actual titles on KevinMD. Now this is no way a commentary on the contents of these posts. In fact, with names like these, I usually don't bother reading the articles. I don't need a lecture on how my cynicism is keeping me from connecting to my patients. I also didn't bother to link the titles to the actual posts in the blog. I figure if headlines like this float your boat you can figure out how to find the articles yourself.

So if you haven't done so already, head on over to KevinMD to read some very good op ed pieces on the state of today's healthcare system. Just make sure you have an emesis basin handy in case you feel that nasty reflux creeping up your esophagus as you peruse some of the blog posts.

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  1. I have had them pick up some of my posts before, and they always change the title. So it's not the bloggers' fault necessarily.