Saturday, January 11, 2014

Job Prospect For Anesthesiologists

The terrible jobs report that was released last Friday again illustrates the importance of finding a career whose prospects remain healthy now and into the future. How can we know which jobs are going to be in demand years from now? Thanks to the federal government, specifically the Labor Department, they have compiled a list of what they predict will be the most in-demand jobs in the year 2022.

Needless to say, most of the new job openings will be in low paying work such as retail and restaurant positions. But if you dig through the table, you will see that medical careers are abundant despite all the dire warnings surrounding the onset of Obamacare. Anesthesiologists in particular should expect to see a 24.4% rise in total employment by 2022. Lest you think that anesthesia jobs are somehow a zero sum game with CRNA's, their employment in eight years is also expected to rise, by 24.9%.

By contrast, pediatricians can only expect to see an increase of 15.7%. Surprisingly, the Labor Department predicts there will be more practicing anesthesiologists in the next decade than general pediatricians. Might they be predicting the increased use of PA's (38.4%) and NP's (33.7%) to handle the more mundane tasks of pediatricians?

What about the person to whom we depend upon for our livelihoods, the surgeons? It looks like they are also predicted to do well over the next decade, with a 23% increase in the number of jobs. In fact, nearly all jobs in the medical field, either physicians, or nurses, or techs and assistants are forecast to do well, far better than average and definitely better than other professionals like attorneys (9.8%) or high school teachers (5.5%).

So if you are somebody who is looking for a stable job, better start applying to a medical school or nursing school. Forget about going for the postal clerk position (-31.8%).

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  1. Well ain't that something... loving my anesthesiology rotation so much that I'm going to go for it next year, and this is only making me feel better about that choice. ZMD, you always bring the good news.