Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Data On Salary Of Anesthesiologists. It Gets Even Better.

I recently reviewed the salary of anesthesiologists based on a survey conducted by Medscape. In that tally, anesthesiologists on average earned $337,000 in 2012. Not shabby at all. Now comes another list detailing anesthesiologists' incomes, this time from the physician staffing service Jackson & Coker.

J & C's results are based on the salaries of the 24,521 anesthesiologists in the company's database. If an anesthesiologist was to work for J & C, he would make approximately $456,000 per year.  This income is based on a salary of $380,065 plus benefits that total $76,013. I imagine the benefits include health and malpractice insurance, vacation time, possible retirement benefits, etc. This was something the Medscape survey left out. And if you think anesthesiologists are overpaid, the average anesthesiologist working for Jackson & Coker brought in revenues of $1,307,066 last year. So the compensation is pretty miserly considering how much money the anesthesiologist is bringing in to the hospital.

All the data continue to point out the success of anesthesiology as a profession. Different surveys may show slightly different numbers, but they all conclude that the field is still extremely well compensated and a major reason why medical students still flock to our specialty.


  1. Hey, I just wanted to say how much I like your blog. I'm only a second year in medical school (Cali) and I'm really hoping to eventually go into anesthesiology. Maybe I'll see around one day!

  2. I just went to the Jackson and Coker website and did a search for permanent positions for Anesthesiology in ANY part of the country. The search returned ZERO matches.

    Great work. If you can get it.

    1. extremely good point anonymous May 6th .

      Certified Nurse anesthetist + hospital's bottom line = tricky combination. But i'm sure they are still doing well.

      I really do enjoy this blog ---
      I'm a 4th year medical student trying to figure out what to get into before September 15th deadline comes along.
      I'm thinking Family medicine - that's why i came to medical school in the first place.. I wanted to ask the author of the blog --- with salaries in the millions for anesthesiologist ---- Any ideas of the possibilities for a Family Practitioner ?

      I just want to do family practice because I like it -- not because of grades or anything - although the stuff on net is scary. so what do you think ?

    2. Salaries in the millions? I wish. I'm more troubled by your perception of the field you plan to enter. From your comment it suggests to me that you think FP's are somehow less smart than doctors who go into something else. If you think that way, I would suggest you go into something else instead of thinking for the rest of your career that your FP colleagues are not as smart as yourself.

      There are all sorts of resources for ballparking the salaries of FP's. I would suggest going to Medscape where they have their annual physician survey.