Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anesthesiologists Prefer The Natural Look

Why do women think they need to come for surgery looking like this?
One thing I've never understood is why women feel the need to get all made up before coming for surgery. They come to preop with heavy powder plastered all over their faces. Overly abundant mascara and eyelash extenders obscure their eyes. Fingernails are painted with black or dark red polish, looking like they're ready for a night out on the town. Who do they think they are going to impress?

When I see a girl come for surgery with a ton of makeup on, all I can think of is what a mess this will become by the time I'm finished. First of all, that dark fingernail polish? It is a total pain in the ass. Half the time my pulse ox monitor can't pick up the patient's arterial flow and I'm left with readings that normally would suggest incompatibility with life. I then have to scrounge for fingernail polish remover and wipe away the polish to properly monitor my patient.

That ruby red lipstick that looks so cute when you go out clubbing? That stuff gets smeared all over my equipment. It spreads onto my gloves, my face mask, my laryngoscope, and inevitably onto those teeth that their dentist just charged a bundle for whitening. By the end of the operation, that lipstick looks like it was applied by a five year old in a moving car.

And those eyes. Why must women put on false eyelashes and mascara before surgery? When I tape the eyes during surgery to prevent corneal abrasions, the makeup and eyelashes become adherent to the tape. It's not a pretty sight when I pull the tape off afterwards.

So for all the women who are about to undergo anesthesia, please don't put on any makeup the morning of the operation. You're not going to find Mr. Right while you're being prepped for surgery. Plus we promise we will provide great care even if you don't look like Kim Kardashian.
What makeup looks like after surgery.

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