Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Congratulations To The New Anesthesia Residents

A belated congratulations to the new class of anesthesia residents that was announced on Match Day last Friday. The competition to get into this awesome field was as competitive as ever. In fact, the elite status of anesthesiology residency was specifically mentioned in the National Resident Matching Program press release. According to the NRMP, "Anesthesiology programs offered 1,653 positions, 177 more than last year, and filled all but 62 of them."

The reason there were 177 more residency positions this year was because of the NRMP's "All-In" policy. Programs registered with the NRMP must now offer all their residency spots through the program instead of filling them outside the match. No more special favors or back door deals. This opened up more slots for students which was still barely adequate to meet the high demand. Here's a list of all the medical specialties and how they fared during Match Day. Again congratulations to all the new future anesthesia residents and colleagues. Looking forward to working with some of you in the future.

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