Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Quick Overview Of Physicians' Salaries

Have you ever wondered how much money doctors make? Of course you have. Let's say you're a college kid going through premed courses and you're wondering if you've made the right career decision when you hear so much moaning and groaning from doctors about how tough their lives are. You want to know if all these courses on organic chemistry and anatomy are worth the trouble, expenses, and sleepless nights. Or suppose you're a medical student and you're thinking about which specialty makes the most money. Admit it, you do think about such things. Don't lie to yourself and say you never thought about money when you chose medicine as a career.

There are all sorts of websites out there to help you figure out physician salaries. Now somebody has nicely brought together the various career surveys available to give a compendium of how much money we make. It probably wouldn't surprise anybody that neurosurgeons earned the most, with an average starting salary of $669,000. It also wouldn't astonish anybody who has been paying attention that primary care fields made the least, with psychiatrists bringing up the rear with a median salary of $217,000. Anesthesiologists fair pretty well. While we are not the best paid, we are also far from the bottom with a median salary of $377,000.

Depending on which survey was used, some of the data are not available for all the specialties, such as female/male compensation ratio, usually around 80-90%, and hourly rates. But if you're a college or medical student and you look through this list, I'd bet you're thinking, "What are those mother f***ers complaing about?"


  1. Thanks for this! Here is MGMA by the way. I've heard they're good too.

  2. That article states the hourly pay for anesthesiologists is $125/hr, which is low compared to the other specialties, which makes it seem as though anesthesiologists make that much be ause they are working more hrs. Does that seem accurate?

  3. Is that the average salary not including malpractice? And is that also the average salary of a Anesthesiologist with a subspecialty?