Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Intellectual Musings In The Doctors' Lounge: Why Pizza Is Better Than Sex

What do doctors talk about when they are gathered together? Do they discuss the latest therapies in cancer treatment? Are they deep in thought on the current treatment of heart disease? Yes, sometimes. But physicians are people too. We have a wide variety of interests that doesn't necessarily revolve around medical science.

For instance, the other day somebody brought pizza to the doctors' lounge. Naturally the conversation quickly degenerated into the pros and cons of pizza vs. sex. Surprisingly, or maybe not, pizza won out on this debate. Here are the reasons why:

1. Pizza is good hot or cold.
2. You don't have to beg anybody for it.
3. If you can't find anybody to share a slice with you, it is legal to go out and buy one.
4. It's easy to find more than two people to share a pizza with.
5. You don't need a shower after eating pizza.
6. You actually enjoy licking your fingers after having pizza.
7. You can have more than one flavor of pizza and it isn't considered weird or perverted.
8. You don't feel obligated to call anybody the next day after sharing pizza.
9. There's no need to rush out and get the morning after pill when you finish eating pizza.
10. You know you can get more pizza the next day or any day, if that's what you desire.

So there you go. Based on a survey of medical doctors, real doctors, not the actors that play one on TV, pizza is better than sex. And that didn't cost the NIH anything in research money.


  1. hey doc z:

    fellow anesthesiologist here. i stumbled in via your death of propofol post. i had followed the las vegas hep c contamination case back when it started, and i had dismissed the claims against teva for liability as nonsense. silly me.

    i guess i better get used to doing sedation for office-based colonoscopies and other little procedures the old fashioned way--midaz and fent. kinda nostalgic, at least.

  2. I love this article ! :D Your friends seem cool