Monday, November 26, 2012

All Choked Up

In general I think all eating contests are disgusting. It's pretty gross watching people stuff massive quantities of food into their gullet. Not only is it nasty, it is downright dangerous. I'm always surprised that not more people die of asphyxiation at those pie eating or hot dog eating contests. But this one really blew my mind.

A man in West Palm Beach, Florida won a cockroach eating contest last month. His prize was supposed to be a python. He wound up eating a bucketful of roaches, 60 grams of meal worms, and 35 three-inch long "superworms." Shortly after he won, he started retching and died. People wondered whether eating the cockroaches led to an anaphylactic reaction or he was poisoned by those nasty critters. Turns out to be neither. The medical examiner ruled it an accidental death due to asphyxiation from aspiration of gastric contents. The man choked on cockroach parts. Ewwww! Could you imagine the EMT intubating the man and finding a mouthful of roach bits inside? The horror!.

Hope you all have digested your Thanksgiving dinners by now.

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