Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally, My New TV

Some of you may have been following my saga of buying a new 3D TV. After years of waiting for the perfect combination of size, price, features, price, picture quality, and price, I finally settled on the Samsung 65ES8000 to fill out my newly remodeled home theater. Alas, when my TV arrived from Amazon, it was immediately obvious that somebody had dropped the bloody thing. There was an internal crack in the screen, not visible with the TV off, that severely marred the picture. Well, back to Amazon it went.

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago this TV was in severe short supply. When I sent the TV back, they had no others to replace it. Not until just recently did Samsung have more of this model to ship out and I finally got my replacement. But thanks to the delay, I got a free Samsung 7 inch tablet thrown in for free. Yeah. As you can see, there are no more cracks or rainbow distortions in the screen. The picture is gorgeous. The family and I are watching more TV than ever, which of course is a mixed blessing.

However, despite the price, the set is not perfect. The 3D is cumbersome to implement and rarely used. It has a feature called AnyNet that automatically turns on my home audio whenever I turn on the TV. It is supposed to be an asset but in fact is a pain in the ass because if I don't want to turn on the surround sound it will get turned on anyways. But the biggest drawback is what the folks at AVS Forum call vertical banding. That's the dark vertical shadows visible when there is a uniform background color on the screen like this snowy picture in the movie "Ice Age". I'm probably the only person in the household to notice this since I read nerdy forums like AVS. The bands are not visible during motion scenes, which is most of the time, or with mixed colors, again most of the time.

So after years of saving and scrimping, I finally have the TV of my dreams. But this thing is already obsolete. From what I've been reading, the next big thing is no longer 3D, or even glasses free 3D. The next revolution in television will supposedly be in wide circulation at next January's Consumer Electronics Show: 4K TV. That's a TV with four times the resolution of today's 1080P.

Sigh. Time to start saving my pennies again.

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