Monday, June 4, 2012

What The Heck Is This World Coming To?

There has been a rash of stories in the news lately about bizarre and downright grotesque human behavior. First there was the guy in Miami who was shot by police after he was found to be eating off the face of a homeless person. Then there was the story about the Canadian man who murdered a college student, dismembered his body parts, and mailed the human remains to different branches of the Canadian government.

Now here is this tidbit about a man who turned his dead cat into a helicopter. Dutch "artist" Bart Jansen preserved his dead cat Orville after it was hit by a car. He attached propellers to each paw and as you can see, the cat can now fly, spread eagle fashion, through the air. Mr. Jansen calls his creation the "Orvillecopter" and claims his cat would have been happy since he is now "flying with the birds." Sounds pretty sick to me. Must be global warming.

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