Monday, May 7, 2012

Fetal Cannibalism As Energy Booster

This is so wrong, and so disturbing, on multiple levels. Story out of South Korea is that over 17,000 capsules intended for human consumption have been seized by the government because they contain the dried remains of human fetuses. They were being marketed as energy enhancers, increasing the vitality and libido of its users. YUCK!

The pills were manufactured in northeastern China, which abuts the Korean peninsula. The contents are believed to be aborted fetuses that had been chopped up and dried in an oven to turn them into powder, ie/ cremated. DNA evidence from the powder have proven that they are of human origin. So far the pills have been found in international mail packages and tourists traveling out of Korea.

This story has a life imitates art quality to it. I'm reminded of a late night movie on cable called "Dumplings" that I saw recently. It is a Chinese movie about an abortionist turned dumpling maker. Her dumplings were filled with the chopped remains of her clients' fetuses. She marketed herself as selling the fountain of youth and convinced a rich older couple to partake of her offerings because of their insecurities with their ages and marriage. Not for the squeamish.

It's amazing what people will do in the futile attempt to stay forever young. Countless animals have been hunted to near extinction for the supposed aphrodisiac quality of their anatomies, such as tiger penises and rhino horns. Since those creatures have now been strictly protected by international laws, they are now resorting to consuming human babies. Why people, why?

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