Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Operating Room Practical Joke Ever. The O.R. Turd

This is one of the best O.R. gags I've ever seen. It comes courtesy of one of our orthopedic surgeons who's a real practical joker. I present to you the O.R. turd. Mind you, this is NOT a real piece of human feces. However it looks uncommonly real, good enough to be displayed at some hypothetical museum of human turds.

How was this model of poop created? No, not from the organic way. The stool facsimile was made from common O.R. objects, mainly plaster. Since the creator is an orthopedic surgeon, he's had plenty of time to play with plaster. He simply dunked a wad of plaster into water to soften it up. Once it was nice and pliable he molded it with his hands into a long, irregular, cylindrical shape. He then poured Betadine on it to give it the distinctive color of feces. Voila, a model of human turd.

The great thing about this model is that initially it feels soft and warm, like the real thing. Once the exothermic reaction of the plaster wears off, it becomes hard and cold, like a fossilized feces. But it still looks uncanny in its resemblance to the real thing. Lay it anywhere to surprise and annoy your friends. The anesthesiologist's chair. The scrub nurse's table. The employee refrigerator in the break room. The possibilities are endless. Don't say you never learn anything reading anesthesiology blogs.

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