Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Law Med Blog

Many of you readers are entertained by the foibles of so called medical professionals. If you do a search under "medical malpractice" on this blog, you'll find a list of some pretty appalling cases of doctors gone bad. Unfortunately for me and the profession, there are just too many stories of doctors and nurses who show a dereliction of duty or just have questionable personal lives to cover. I recently found one blog that seems to report these tales pretty extensively. I've listed it under My Blog List. It is the Law Med Blog. Here you'll find multiple entries on doctors behaving badly, such as the North Dakota surgeon who is accused of using propofol as a date rape drug, or the North Carolina anesthesiologist who likes to expose himself in public to unsuspecting women. Horrible, yet fascinating at the same time. I'll continue to post stories about malpractice cases that I find particularly interesting and relevant but if you want the dirty laundry on medical care in America, head on over to the Law Med Blog. You'll wonder what kind of people make it out of our medical schools.


  1. You do realize that the Law Med Blog is written by a CRNA/attorney, right? Thought you despised those "inferior" anesthesia providers?? lol

  2. I don't discriminate my reading based on a writer's political points of view. In fact I think it's healthier to understand another person's opinion than to confine myself to a single side of an issue.

    1. I agree, but something tells me you didn't realize this fact, as the writer has many pro-CRNA posts on that site with which I'm sure you wouldn't agree or care to promote. But anyways, I find the Law Med Blog very entertaining as well.