Friday, November 18, 2011

World Toilet Day

November 19th is World Toilet Day. No I didn't know that either until just now. In America, we take clean functioning toilets for granted. Most of the world's population do their business into open pits or trenches. We on the other hand insist on a well scrubbed, sparkling clean, aromatically fresh loo within walking distance of anywhere in this country. We have toilets that wash and scrub your butt. We have toilets that will warm up your derriere when it's cold in the morning. We sell toilets that have a built in computer tablet. We even have supersized toilet seats like the one pictured above that can hold 1000 pounds. Think about that. American manufacturers have discovered a market for toilet seats that can hold a half ton human being while he's taking a crap. You wouldn't find any Japanese or Chinese toilets made to such sizes or tolerances. So as you go about your daily business this weekend, planning for your upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, remember to say a special thanks to the toilet. It's a luxury only a small minority of the world's population have access to.

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