Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Much Do Anesthesiologists Make, 2011

Here's the latest data on anesthesiologists' salaries in 2011. According to a survey by, the average anesthesiologist's salary this year is $364,689. That is an 8.4% increase from 2008 when anesthesiologists made $336,375. Women have reaped a huge jump in their salaries in the past three years, going from $296,704 to $349,505. Men are still well compensated, though their salaries didn't increase as much. They earned $367,049 in 2011 as compared to 2008 when they made $344,189.

Anesthesiologists who are partners in their groups made more than salaried anesthesiologists. Partners on average made $394,333 while employee anesthesiologists only made $348,406. Anesthesiologists with the most experience, greater than twelve years, made the most money, averaging $369,424. Those with the least experience, less than five years, made $353,875. The anesthesiologists with intermediate levels of experience made the least, averaging $349,545.

Now the all important question as regards to the future healthcare policy in this country. A full 93% of anesthesiologists say they accept Medicare in their practice. That is not a surprise since anesthesiologists in general have to accept Medicare if they work in a hospital or their surgeon accepts Medicare. However, 66% of anesthesiologists say Medicare reimbursement isn't enough to cover their expenses. How much more depressing will it get when Obamacare forces millions of Medicaid patients to be unleashed on the medical community?

So there you have it. Another successful year for anesthesiologists in America. Tell me again why medical students are shunning Internal Medicine and other primary care fields?


  1. That was a good article. You have managed to send your message across in a light fashion.Indeed our medical sphere is in a bit of a turmoil because of all the changes in the healthcare system and sometimes tough decision has to be made.Hopefully though,the humanitarian aspect in the field would not be overlooked.

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