Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Benefit #467 Of Working In A Hospital--Free Boxes For Life

One of the necessities of life is the need for more packing boxes. Whether you are moving to a new house, packing away some old clothes, or helping a child move for college, boxes are a must. One of the nice perks of working in a hospital, other than nearly total job security, is that there are unlimited quantities of boxes for the taking, all free, all destined for the recycling bin unless somebody takes them home.

Every day at hospitals around the country, semi trucks loaded with supplies drop their cargo in the loading docks. Hospitals require an enormous amount of equipment for it to run safely and efficiently. And every one of those things are packed in very sturdy, virtually indestructible thick cardboard boxes. Why do you think healthcare supplies are so expensive. One tiny little cap or screw will be packed sterily inside plastic bubble packing, which in turn is contained inside a nice pretty manufacturer's box, which is packed with other caps inside a larger cardboard box, which is further packaged inside a shock resistant outer box. So there are plenty of empty boxes in all different sizes for anybody who wants one.

When I moved to my new house last year, I brought back enough boxes to fill up our garage. The boxes were strong, clean, all the same size, and best of all, FREE. It is expensive enough moving without having to pay a moving company or office supply store precious dollars to buy boxes that you're just going to throw away afterwards anyway. So next time you need some boxes, don't waste your money to buy them. Find somebody who works in a hospital and they can surely get you some great boxes for free.

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