Thursday, September 1, 2011

Babysitters Doing Better Than Doctors

The latest lunacy from our labor union-backed, Marxist Democratic state government here in the formerly great state of California: the state Legislature has approved a bill that will require workers compensation and meal breaks for all domestic help, including part time workers like babysitters.

The bill authored by Democrat Tom Ammiano from San Francisco will require that babysitters get a break from work every two hours. Parents will also have to pay at least minimum wage as well as workers compensation, overtime pay, and in another version of the bill paid vacations. If employers fail to comply with these new rules there are provisions in the bill for legal action against them, including paying for attorney fees, other legal expenses, and backpay compensation up to $4,000. Naturally the bill has overwhelming support in the state Senate and likely will be signed by the governor.

Good grief. As a medical doctor nobody is giving me any meal breaks despite working for hours on end in the operating room. I have to sneak in an energy bar behind the drapes just to keep from collapsing from hypoglycemia. Work breaks? Overtime pay? That is not even something I can complain about. If I don't like it, they will gladly show me the nearest exit to the hospital. Why are doctors treated so poorly while here in California even illegal immigrants get financial aid to attend our colleges and universities at in state tuition rates? Oh, I forgot. We're "rich". We are independent contractors therefore we're not allowed to form unions to increase our political clout. And most doctors are conservatives. Strike three. You're out. Perhaps being a CRNA would have been a better choice: less expenses, less liability, guaranteed meal breaks, set working hours, and better political representation.

Is it any wonder more and more doctors are gladly selling their practices and finding satisfaction as a "lowly" employee? At least as an employee doctors gain far more rights that are protected by law at the state and federal levels. Seems like a fair tradeoff for (slightly) decreased compensation and independence. As our country moves inexorably toward a single payer system where we are all employed by the government, that maybe something to look forward to.

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