Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Operating Without Anesthesia, Or A Surgeon

There seems to be an increase in the number of Southern Californians who think they can operate on a human body without any anesthesia, or even a board certification for surgery. A couple of weeks ago, there was the Garden Grove lady who amputated her husband's penis after a domestic dispute. Catherine Kieu allegedly drugged her husband's dinner. When he fell asleep, she tied him down in bed. When he woke up, she used a large knife and sliced off his genitalia. To make sure he wouldn't be good for anybody else, she promptly threw the member into the garbage disposal and shredded it. She later told police he "deserved it."

Now comes word of another individual who tried to perform a surgical procedure without a medical degree hanging on his office wall. A Glendale man was found by police naked outside his house on a lounge chair. A knife was sticking out of his abdomen. When they approached the man, he pulled out the butter knife from his body and cauterized the wound with a lit cigarette he was smoking. His wife told the police that her husband had an abdominal hernia that was bothering him and wanted it removed. At least he was smart enough to know to cauterize a wound.

Instead of getting a background check for only gun buyers, maybe we should have one for anybody who wants to buy a knife. These stories are insane.

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