Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pancreatitis Patients Need Not Apply

Okay, maybe eating out can be fun, especially at the Orange County Fair currently going strong down in the O.C.  I just couldn't resist posting this picture from the LA Times. Granted nobody goes to a fair to find healthy food.  But the outlandishness of the grub being offered borders on genius, if your genie likes to have his food deep fried.

Take a look at that menu. Besides the now standard deep fried Twinkie, there is a deep fried Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, a deep fried Klondike bar, and even deep fried Kool Aid. Who's the mastermind that figured out how to deep fry an item that is normally consumed in liquid form? Outrageous. Other stands offer deep fried bacon, chocolate covered corn dogs, and even deep fried butter. Imagine, deep fried dairy fat as a food item.

If one time through the hot oil is not enough, how about two. One stand offers deep fried churros, with a twist. Churros, the deliciously sweet and crunchy fried dough, can be had double fried. The purveyor opens one up, fills it with butter, then fries it a second time to give the inside a crispy oily coat. Then it's coated with sugar and whip cream. How awesome is that?

There's one way to make sure you stay thin after eating at the O.C. Fair. Take a spin on one of those twisty, turning, gravity-defying, stomach-churning rides. That will make you barf up all that greasy gunk from your stomach, preventing you from absorbing most of those calories and fat. Just make sure you hurl into a trash can, not onto the ride or your friends.

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