Monday, March 14, 2011

Not So Evil Anymore

Many of you read have read my rants against my evil iPhone. In my mind, the iPhone was a method by which the messiah Steve Jobs ensnared his victims into the world of Appleology. All the technology geeks out there who bemoaned the monopolistic practices of Microsoft suddenly couldn't get enough of the tightly controlled ecosystem that is the iPhone and iTunes. The Jesus Phone appeared to be a device by which the weak minded go trapped into its cult. I shuddered at what I was getting myself into. Would I soon be brainwashed by this technologic orthodoxy and start knocking on strangers' doors to convert the heathens to this new religion?

But now I've changed my mind. The iPhone isn't merely a really bad cell phone with a great ability to waste away your day playing Angry Birds. (Full disclosure. I did download that game, but only the free versions. I'm not about to give more money to the high priest.) But I've discovered apps that can actually save me money. I found an app that can download books for free. Now these books are only in the public domain, ie/ before 1923. But that covers a lot of territory. So if you ever wanted to revisit your Western Literature class in high school, this is the perfect program. I've read books by Lewis Carroll, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allen Poe since I've downloaded this program. I never have to buy another paperback anymore if I want to catch up on my literary classics. At about $10 per paperback, my savings are really adding up. Anna Karenina or Romeo and Juliet anyone?

I've also found the iPhone to be the best babysitter. You see it everywhere you go. At restaurants, children no longer take part in conversations at the table. They're all staring down at their iPhone/iPods playing games or texting each other. I've converted my DVD's into the iPhone format. Now the kids can watch Cars, Toy Story 3, and any other of their favorite DVD's at home and watch it outside when I need some peace and quiet. I normally wouldn't condone this sort of activity but sometimes we all need just a few minutes of respite from the whining and complaints that accompany small children when they go out..

So here's another paean to the Almighty Mr. Jobs. My iPhone still gets awful reception at my home. But its other uses makes it completely indispensible. Goodness I hate you for that.

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