Thursday, March 24, 2011

New "Tourists" In Los Angeles

One of the bedrock industries in L.A. is international tourism. We have folks from all over the world here visiting Hollywood, Disneyland, Venice Beach, etc... Now we learn there is a new tourism industry that has sprung up. It is called "birthing tourism". Some entrepreneurs in the San Gabriel Valley suburb of L.A., which is predominantly Asian, have set up private residences for women from Asia to give birth so the child can be automatic American citizens.

In this particular case, people in this quiet part of town were wondering why there were suddenly so many pregnant women in their neighborhood. When the police raided the nice looking townhouse, they saw ten women sitting around having dinner while seven newborns were laying in bassinets, being taken care of by a nurse. The police fined Dwight Chang, the property manager, $800. They could only fault him for remodeling the townhouse without the proper permits. After all, giving birth in a private residence isn't illegal, even for the purpose of delivering an anchor baby. Capitalism at its best--find a need and fill it. And make a profit out of it if possible.

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