Saturday, March 19, 2011

How You Know Your Wife Loves You

Here on the West Coast, we are dealing with radiation fallout from the stricken nuclear power plants in Japan. There has been a run on iodide pills and face masks. At least we haven't reached the level of panic where people are stockpiling iodinated table salt like they are doing in China. Some outdoor activities have been curtailed because of parents' concerns about exposing their children to falling radioactive particles.

My dear wife has gotten caught up in this hysteria. Though the amount of radioactivity from Japan has been officially described as minuscule, she has decided to stock up on emergency supplies in case the family can't go out due to more radioactive contamination or a major earthquake. And guess what she bought to prepare the family for the apocalypse?  Just my favorite snack of all time--a big giant box of Cheez-Its. And the funny thing is that is the ONLY food item she got. No canned items. No dried goods. Oh, she did get extra bottled water. You have to wash down the Cheez-Its with something. That my friends is true love.

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