Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Anesthesiologists Get Bored

Top Ten things anesthesiologists do when they get bored in the operating room.

1. Peer over the ether screen and pretend to be interested in this tedious ten hour muscle flap case.

2. Change the music playlist from Billy Joel's greatest hits, to hair bands of the 80's.

3. Nosh on the power bar you had hoped to save for later as an afternoon snack.

4. Red Bull anyone?

5. Finish some CME work that needs to be sent out next week or you won't be able to renew your medical license.

6. Play Angry Birds on the evil iPhone with the mute button on.

7. Stare at Apple's stock chart in disbelief and flagellate yourself for not buying it two years ago when it was $85.

8. Update your Facebook page, leave comments on your friends' latest children/pets pictures, and wonder why your life is so much less interesting than theirs.

9. Think about your last sexual conquest.

10. None of the above. Keep your eyes and ears focused on the patient and the monitors. Vigilance is an anesthesiologist's professional duty to the patient.

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