Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Nurses Really Think About Their Patients

I saw this funny (?) sheet posted up in our ICU. It is a sample page on how to admit a patient into the unit. I noticed the pseudonyms given to the pretend patients. Instead of the usual "John Doe" or "Jane Smith" they use the names "Harry Bumm" and "Crazy Old Lady." Hmmm. I wonder if somebody was having a bad day when they printed this out.

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  1. When I create training records for our clinical information system, I try to use humorous names (e.g. patient name "Heeza Dedgei" or surgeon name "Killem Awl" or hepatologist "Billy Reuben") to spice up what can otherwise be tedious training.

    I'm guessing the posted you saw was not in a "public" area of the unit. If it was, I agree that these names are probably inappropriate.