Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trivialization of Anesthetic Risks is International

By now we're all familiar with the fatal consequences of downplaying the risks of anesthesia. This blog has expounded multiple times on the deaths of patients who were administered anesthetics without the proper anesthesia training or monitoring. There is of course Michael Jackson's untimely demise at the hands of a distracted cardiologist. Then there's the case of Dr. Osathanondh, who gave a general anesthetic for a D+C without a single monitor on the patient. Absolutely shameful and without reason.

Now there's news that this underappreciation of anesthetic complications is a shared trait amongst surgeons worldwide. In China, a reality show contestant by the name of Wang Bei was undergoing facial plastic surgery. During her procedure, her airway was apparently not protected. She aspirated blood from the surgery and could not be resuscitated. The Chinese government is now looking at tighter regulation of their burgeoning plastic surgery industry.

When will all surgeons realize the importance of patient safety before they make a cut? Remember, you won't have any referral business if your patient is dead.

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