Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Most Family Stickers I've Ever Seen On A Car Window

I was driving to work early one morning and saw this minivan with the most number of family member stickers I've ever seen stuck to one window. I don't think the whole family would fit in the minivan at the same time. Sorry about the quality of the picture. You can blame Apple and its evil iPhone's wretched camera.


  1. So many families have those stickers here. You know what really bothers me, though? When they have the names underneath them .... and then have an honor roll sticker on the car or school sports sticker. So, not only is a child predator aware of the child's name, but now they know where he/she goes to school and what they're into? scary.

  2. I never thought of that. I used to think those honor roll stickers were simply obnoxious and self-congratulatory. Now I'll know not to put one on my car if my children get on the honor roll.

  3. Only a child predator would think such a comment. Way to out yourself.