Monday, December 20, 2010

How Much Do Anesthesiologists Make, 2010 Edition

Here is the latest statistics on compensation for anesthesiologists, courtesy of  My previous write up about this was from the U.S. Department of Labor whose numbers are drawn from 2009. This survey was conducted for the current year so hopefully it will be much more relevant.

According to the report, anesthesiologists on average are paid $362,450 per year. Partners in an anesthesia group averaged a whopping $405,346 while an employee anesthesiologist made $337,187. Male anesthesiologists as usual made more than their female partners, $368,654 vs. $313,529.  As expected, the years of experience also weighs in on compensation. Those with less than five years made $339,055. For those with six to ten years of work, they averaged $330,192. The most experienced anesthesiologists with greater than ten years of experience made $377,121.

Is it any wonder anesthesiology residency is still highly coveted by graduating medical students? The ROAD to success in our field has not diminished. If the ASA is ever successful in convincing Medicare to compensate anesthesiologists fairly (33% of private insurance payments for anesthesiologists vs. 80% of private insurance for other physicians), we will have one more great story to tell the best and brightest students to join our esteemed profession. Hint: contribute as much as you can to ASAPAC, the most successful medical PAC in the country.

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