Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who You Gonna Believe, Your Own Eyes Or The Government?

The talk of Los Angeles the last couple of days has been a mysterious missile launch off our coast that was captured on video by a local TV news reporter. The fiery liftoff of the missile occurred at sunset about 35 miles from land and could be seen for miles. Speculation is rampant that our own government was conducting a secret test or a foreign government was flexing its military muscle by launching a sea-based missile within stone's throw of U.S. soil.

What has our government said about this incident? According to the Federal Aviation Administration, review of their radar at the time of the event showed no unusual activity. The local military bases including Vandenberg Air Force Base and Point Mugu Naval Base deny conducting any military activities at that time.  Government officials are now saying the large contrail on the video was caused by an aircraft and appearance of a missile launch is merely an optical illusion. Uh huh. This is the same government that said after health care reform is passed we can all still keep the same health insurance that we already have. Watch the video and judge for yourself if there was a missile launch or just a plane flying off into the sunset.

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